This project wants to make participants aware of the importance of food in our lives. As half of our population over 30 is too fat and gradually more and more become overweight, especially among our youth, it is clear that all efforts must be made to try to stop this development. Our project aims at contributing to this goal.

Many do not know that obesity also is a risk for diabetes and coronary heart deseases. There is a correlation between low grades of education and unhealthy diets. We believe that in this project we have a chance in educating on this. Certainly since most partners in this project are from socially, economically problematic areas.

Alcoholism will be adressed and the effects of advertisements and the sometimes misleading information in commercials and in labels on food products; modern versus traditional farming and animal friendly production.


We will challenge our students to start cooking themselves, compose European dishes, invent new and healthy recipes, reintroduce traditional food, vegetables and herbs, apply new food and to reject sweets, junk and fast food, engage in sport and an active life style and to spread the project in their local community.

Our products will be booklets, videos on European recipes, healthy dishes, good restaurants, new and healthy snacks brought unto the market and new lesson material.


Food fraternizes students preparing dishes together, listen to stories on food and enjoy cultural events around dinners at our European meetings. Students will teach students.


Results will be dissiminated  via the web, DVD, local press, project magazines, school project corners, and events where partners, press and parents are invited.


A preparatory visit outlined this project and results will be shared and part of our curriculum.

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Food! Food for thought

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